Fruit Carving, History.

Watermelon sculpture by Takashi Itoh.
There are cultures of Carving (Sculpture) all over the world.
For example, stone, tree, ice, and food.
Here, I introduce the fruit-vegetables sculpture of the Kingdom of Thailand influenced most for my technique.

Art of Thai vegetable and fruit carving.
It originated from the floating lantern Festival (Loi Krathong Festival) of the Kingdom of Thailand
at Sukhothai dynasty 700 years ago.
The festival is the traditional event that they float lanterns on the river
and thank the soul of water at the full moon in December.
Decorating lanterns, Lady Nopphamat carved flowers, birds, swans, rabbits and other animals
 on the fruits and vegetables.
Everyone was attracted, and then, it was transmitted throughout country.

Since then, it comes to be carved on the occasion of decorating of the palace dishes and entertaining visitors.

watermelon sculpture: Temple in Thailand.
Temple in Thailand.

List of Watermelon Sculpture.

WatermelonCarving145-150 . WatermelonCarving151-156 . WatermelonCarving157-163
WatermelonCarving127-132 . WatermelonCarving133-138 . WatermelonCarving139-144
WatermelonCarving109-114 . WatermelonCarving115-120 . WatermelonCarving121-126
WatermelonCarving091-096 . WatermelonCarving097-102 . WatermelonCarving103-108
WatermelonCarving073-078 . WatermelonCarving079-084 . WatermelonCarving085-090
WatermelonCarving055-060 . WatermelonCarving061-066 . WatermelonCarving067-072
WatermelonCarving037-042 . WatermelonCarving043-048 . WatermelonCarving049-054
WatermelonCarving019-024 . WatermelonCarving025-030 . WatermelonCarving031-036
WatermelonCarving001-006 . WatermelonCarving007-012 . WatermelonCarving013-018

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