Watermelon Special Fruitcarving. Gallery by Takashi Itoh.
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Ice and Watermelon Sculpture by Takashi Itoh. watermelon carving- Tower- Takashi Itoh. Watermelon Sculpture by Takashi Itoh.
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List of Watermelon Sculpture

Sculpture No.163

Watermelon Carving: Thank you for everything!
Thank you for everything!

Sculpture No.162

Watermelon Carving: Congratulations Graduate.
Congratulations Graduate.

Sculpture No.161

Watermelon Carving: Dog.

Sculpture No.160

Watermelon Carving: Sheep.

Sculpture No.159

Watermelon Carving: Dragon.

Sculpture No.158

Watermelon Carving: Sunflower.

Sculpture No.157

Watermelon Carving: Emperor Penguins.
Emperor Penguins.

Sculpture No.156

Watermelon Carving: The Samurai (Date Masamune).
The Samurai,
Date Masamune.

Sculpture No.155

Watermelon Carving: Hiraizumi.
[World Heritage]

Sculpture No.154

Watermelon Carving: Akabeko.
Akabeko, Red cow.
Traditional toy.

Sculpture No.153

Watermelon Carving: Chef.

Sculpture No.152

Watermelon Carving: Tennis Lovers.
Tennis Lovers.

Sculpture No.151

Watermelon Carving: Fireworks.

Sculpture No.150

Watermelon Carving: Giraffes.

Sculpture No.149

Watermelon Carving: Summer at a Beach Resort.
Summer at a Beach Resort.

Sculpture No.148

Watermelon Carving: Flower.

Sculpture No.147

Watermelon Carving: SHARAKU.
-The Actor Otani Oniji III as Edobei-

Sculpture No.146

Watermelon Carving: Romeo and Juliet.
Romeo and Juliet.

Sculpture No.145

Watermelon Carving: Dolphins and Penguins.
Dolphins and Penguins.

No.144 Flower. No.144 Flower.
No.143 Flower.
No.142 Flower.
No.141 Flower.
No.140 Grand Chef.
No.139 Flower.
No.133 Mogul skiing. No.138 Don't give up, Japan! Don't give up, Tohoku! (The 9-magnitude quake hit Japan.)
No.137 Welcome to Yokohama. (Japan)
No.136 Flower.
No.135 Flower.
No.134 Alpine skiing.
No.133 Mogul skiing.
No.132 Flower. No.132 Flower.
No.131 Flower.
No.130 Takashi Itoh.
No.129 Watermelon Sculpture.
No.128 Happy 50th Birthday.
No.127 Flower.
No.125 Lake Towada. (Japan) No.126 Executive Chef.
No.125 Lake Towada. (Japan)
No.124 Happy Birthday.
No.123 Temple in Thailand.
No.122 Flower.
No.121 Cherry Blossom.
No.119 All My Loving. No.120 Happy Birthday.
No.119 All My Loving.
No.118 Flower.
No.117 Volleyball.
No.116 Wedding Reception.
No.115 Fruit Carving.
No.113 Congratulation. No.114 Wedding Reception.
No.113 Congratulation.
No.112 Pieta. (Michelangelo)
No.111 Seven Colors of Watermelon. "Rainbow"
No.110 Cherry Blossom.
No.109 Swan.
No.105 Chef. No.108 Cruise.
No.107 Reindeer.
No.106 Republic of Finland.
No.105 Chef.
No.104 Steak dish.
No.103 Baseball.
No.100 Pieta. (Michelangelo) No.102 Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu.
No.101 Lima Cathedral.
No.100 Pieta. (Michelangelo)
No.99 Flower.
No.98 Congratulation.
No.97 Flower.
No.96 Karlstejn. No.96 Karlstejn.
No.95 Alphonse Mucha.
No.94 Czech Republic.
No.93 Flower.
No.92 Flower.
No.91 Flower.
No.88 Koala. No.90 Heart.
No.89 Bridal.
No.88 Koala.
No.87 Kangaloo.
No.86 Sydney Opera House.
No.85 Australia. (Ayers Rock, Uluru)
No.82 Flower. No.84 Flower.
No.83 Flower.
No.82 Flower.
No.81 Flower.
No.80 Flower.
No.79 Congratulation.
No.76 Japanese castle. (Kumamotojyo) No.78 Hanami. (Cherry Blossom Viewing)
No.77 Fire Festival. (Kumamoto Japan)
No.76 Japanese castle. (Kumamotojyo)
No.75 Flower.
No.74 The Kingdom of Belguim.
No.73 Flower.
No.70 Christmas Tree and Snowman. No.72 Flower.
No.71 Treasure ship. (Traditional Japanese Culture)
No.70 Christmas Tree and Snowman.
No.69 Celebration, the 50th Anniversary.
No.68 Flower.
No.67 Happy Birthday.
No.66 Nagasaki Kunchi (Dragon Dance) Festival. No.66 Nagasaki Kunchi (Dragon Dance) Festival.
No.65 Welcome to Nagasaki. (Japan)
No.64 Vietnam. Hue Imperial City (World Cultural Heritage Site)
No.63 Vietnam. Halong Bay (World Natural Heritage Area)
No.62 Vietnam.
No.61 Catcher.
No.57 A present of a watermelon. No.60 A happy bride.
No.59 Congratulation.
No.58 Women's Golf.
No.57 A present of a watermelon.
No.56 Festival in Japan.(NafuneTaisai)
No.55 Soccer.
No.52 Magellan penguin. No.54 Condor.
No.53 The waterfall of Iguazu.
No.52 Magellan penguin.
No.51 Love, Perfect Beauty.
No.50 Mt. Fuji and sunrise on New Year's Day.
No.49 Flower.
No.47 Merry Christmas. No.48 Merry Xmas.
No.47 Merry Christmas.
No.46 Flower.
No.45 Flower.
No.44 Napoleon Bonaparte.
No.43 The Great Chef. (French Cuisine)
No.37 Bicycle race. No.42 Judo&Wrestling.
No.41 Flower.
No.40 Hammer throw.
No.39 Flower.
No.38 Gymnastics.
No.37 Bicycle race.
No.32 Sumou. (Wrestler) No.36 Flower.
No.35 Flower.
No.34 A flower, a sport.
No.33 Flower.
No.32 Sumou. (Wrestler)
No.31 The 70th birthday.The Japanese crane and tortoise which call a fortune.
No.27 Dragon. No.30 Flower.
No.29 Flower.
No.28 Phoenix.
No.27 Dragon.
No.26 A woman in a kimono.
No.25 Flower.
No.20 Vincent van Gogh. No.24 Flower.
No.23 The chef from Turkey.
No.22 Edouard Manet. Young Flautist.
No.21 Myron. Discobolus.
No.20 Vincent van Gogh.
No.19 Pablo Picasso. Girl Before a Mirror.
No.13 Happy Birthday. No.18 Batter.
No.17 Pitcher.
No.16 Flower.
No.15 Flower decoration.
No.14 Congratulation.
No.13 Happy Birthday.
No.10 Skier. No.12 The folkcraft article of Russia.
No.11 The Japanese crane and tortoise which call a fortune.
No.10 Skier.
No.09 The chef from India.
No.08 Tajmahal.
No.07 The horse.
No.04 The Japanese crane and tortoise which call a fortune. No.06 Congratulation and a championship.
No.05 Congratulation.
No.04 The Japanese crane and tortoise which call a fortune.
No.03 Thai cultural exchanges.
No.02 Orquesta de tango.
No.01 Wedding.
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History: Fruit carving

watermelon special fruitcarving
Takashi Itoh Watermelon Carving : Romeo and Juliet.

Watermelon Special Fruitcarving
Copyright 2001-2016 Takashi Itoh, All rights reserved.