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Takashi Itoh.

Name Takashi Itoh
Email address takashi64@gmail.com
Duty place Japan
Birthday 4 June 1976
Favorite music Paul McCartney

Q: What made you do the art of fruit carving?

A: I came across a watermelon sculpture in "Thai food festival". 
I learned the art of fruit carving when Tokyo's hotel held a festival celebrating Thai culture.

Q: When did you master watermelon carving?
Did you have a teacher or did you teach yourself?

A: I mastered the technique in 2001.
I do not have a teacher. I studied by myself.

Q: How long did it take you to be skilled hands?

A: It took me three weeks.

Q: Why do you use watermelons?
Don't you use cantaloupes or grapefruits for instance?

A: Because watermelon is colorful.
So, it attracts us.
And its part we can carve is large.
It is more powerful than other fruits.
Grapefruit is much smaller than watermelon.

Takashi Itoh

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